5-hour ENERGY® Affiliate Application

5-hour ENERGY® shots have been working FOR you for years. Now we want to work WITH you. Since its introduction in 2004, 5-hour ENERGY® shots have  been the sales  leader in the energy shot category.
Want in on the action?
5-hour ENERGY® fans and affiliates
5-hour ENERGY® fans and affiliates
We are looking for passionate and entrepreneurial fans of  our product to help build an online sales support network. There’s no better  way to get discounted 5-hour ENERGY® shots, all while generating income for  yourself!
  • Quick, simple and effective – Perfect for a quick pick-me-up!
  • Fast and easy to consume
  • Zero sugar
  • 4 calories!
  • B-vitamins and amino acids
  • About as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee (Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® shots contain about as much caffeine as 12oz. of the leading premium coffee)
  • Non-carbonated
  • Available in regular strength, extra strength and 5-hour™ TEA shots
  • Over a dozen great-tasting flavors to choose from

Why work with 5-hour ENERGY® shots?

  • Product discounts
  • % Commission on sales through our webstore
  • Deals on money-saving multipacks, customized with your flavor choices
  • First access to new flavors and/or limited time products

Most importantly, you’ll be supporting the proven and time-tested leader in the energy shot category!

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The 5-hour ENERGY® Affiliate Program is managed by Agency 5, LLC.  Agency 5, LLC is the creative and media company for the makers of 5-hour ENERGY® products and other great companies.